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  • 5_wordpress_tips

    5 really useful WordPress tips

    Obviously in my line of work I get the chance to see many different self-built websites and discuss them with their owners.  The following are some of the most common minor…

  • hack

    How to prevent hacks on your website

    Hacks do happen occasionally, so I asked my friend Claire Gallagher of Claire Creative to write this short low-down on what you can do to keep yourself out of trouble. ——-…

  • Should I use WordPress to create my website?

    WordPress: the answer for everyone?

    WordPress is the most-used system for creating websites available today, and it’s a great way to get a really professional looking website up and running. But while I love WordPress and…

  • what is wordpress?

    What’s the deal with WordPress?

    If you’re on the point of building your own website, you’ve certainly heard about WordPress, and perhaps you’ve even decided already, without knowing too much about it, that WordPress is definitely…

  • can anyone build their own website?

    Can anyone make their own website?

    You may think I am shooting myself in the foot, seeing as I write about people building their own websites.  Surely I’m a convinced advocate? Actually, I don’t think it makes…