About Alannah


MY SPECIALITY IS HELPING PEOPLE TO CREATE THEIR OWN WEBSITES THE DIY WAY, through my books, workshops and online courses.


If you’re in charge of your own website, a whole myriad of possibilities are open to you!

  • You can get your voice heard all over the world
  • You can start your online business, selling your products or your services
  • You could change the course of your life
  • And you could change other people’s lives too.

Entrepreneurialism is a passion of mine.  It’s a world I can’t resist being attracted to – the ideas that people come up with intrigue me.  My own first business was importing furniture created by design school graduates in Paris and selling it in London galleries – I used to transport the furniture myself across the Channel in a transit van.  That business didn’t flourish but it started my lifelong curiosity about the different businesses people set up and how they make them work.

I’m especially interested in discovering what people are doing online so that they can be location-independent – real businesses that use the internet to propel them that have changed their owners’ lives. You’ll find me exploring some of these on my blog.

After the furniture business I ran a web design business for many years, and that’s how I got into teaching people to build their own websites – I saw that there was a huge need to demystify the whole area, given that it’s now obligatory for anyone with any kind of public profile or embarking on any sort of project to have an online presence, and people tend to be baffled as to how to go about it.

For several years I ran website building workshops for individuals and small business owners in London and Paris in an attempt to address this need (see the pictures below!), and I’ve now launched an online course so I can help more people, at a distance.

Aside from teaching classes, I’ve written several books about Do-It-Yourself website creation: Create Your Own Website the Easy Way, Create Your Own Website Using WordPress in a Weekend, The Creative Person’s Website Builder and Create Your Own Online Store in a Weekend.  If you’d like to find out more about my books, please see here or just search my name on Amazon.

Here are some pictures of me teaching workshops and working in my local café. The top left photo was a group of female entrepreneurs in Paris – the other workshop photos are London. (The top right photo, when I was doing a “café drop-in” Q&A session in Paris, which I sometimes do, was taken by Alexis Duclos.

Other passions include art – I try to go to all the exhibitions I can in both Paris and London – and cookery – I particularly like cooking with all kinds of different spices; I also love going for very long rambles in the forest in the French countryside.  I’m a regular contributor to Inspirelle, an online magazine for women in Paris, that features all kinds of articles from business to food to lifestyle, to what’s on (see here for my interview).  You can hear an interview with me on Caroline Dowd Higgins’s podcast series “Your Working Life” if you want to hear more about my ideas about internet business, and there’s a recent article about me on Mama Loves Paris by my friend Claudette Parry Laws.

I’ve lived in Paris for over twenty years (right in the centre, by Notre Dame) although I’m originally from London and I return there regularly.  I have a nine year old son and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (who, if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know is the best assistant of all time).

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(The photo at the top of the page which is also my “author photo” was done by my friend and brilliant photographer Laura Hodgson.)